Jagiellonian University
International Ph.D. Studies
in Physics of Complex Systems

Some news concerning the scientific activities of our PhD students can be find below:
Posted on 22.02.2011
Posted on 17.01.2011
Posted on 14.12.2010
Posted on 29.11.2010
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Recent presentations of our PhD students can be find below:
Marcin Zagorski at SOLSTICE 2010, Nancy, France
Marcin Zagorski at Nordita, Stockholm, Sweden
Marcin Zagorski at CompPhys2010, Leipzig, Germany
Jeremi Ochab at Nordita, Stockholm, Sweden
Karol Trojanowski, Maribor, Slovenia

Recent scientific publications:
Karol Trojanowski: Synchronization of Phase-coupled Oscillators with Distance-dependent Delay
Marcin Zagorski: Sparse essential interactions in model networks of gene regulation
Marcin Zagorski: Distribution of essential interactions in model gene regulatory networks under mutation-selection balance
Marcin Zagorski: Motifs emerge from function in model gene regulatory networks
Marcin Zagorski: Edge usage, motifs and regulatory logic for cell cycling genetic networks
Jeremi Ochab: Synchronization of Coupled Oscillators in a Local One-Dimensional Kuramoto Model
Jeremi Ochab: Noisy saltatory spike propagation: The breakdown of signal transmission due to channel noise
Jeremi Ochab: Shift of percolation thresholds for epidemic spread between static and dynamic small-world networks
Jeremi Ochab: Exact Solution for Statics and Dynamics of Maximal Entropy Random Walk on Cayley Trees
Jeremi Ochab: Maximal Entropy Random Walk: solvable cases of dynamics
Jeremi Ochab: Maximal-entropy random walk unifies centrality measures
Jeremi Ochab: Maximal entropy random walk in community finding
Bartosz Lisowski: "Cargo-mooring" as an operating principle for molecular motors
Zbigniew Ambrozinski: Tunneling with Tamm-Dancoff method
Zbigniew Ambrozinski: Resummation of not summable series
Zbigniew Ambrozinski: Tunneling in cosine potential with periodic boundary conditions
Zbigniew Ambrozinski: String picture of 1+1 dimensional QED in light--front formulation
Mateusz Koren: Large-N reduction in QCD with two adjoint Dirac fermions
Mateusz Koren: Large-N reduction with two adjoint Dirac fermions
Mateusz Koren: Preliminary study of two-dimensional SU(N) Yang-Mills theory with adjoint matter by Hybrid Monte Carlo approach
Mateusz Koren: On non-trivial spectra of trivial gauge theories
Mateusz Koren: Large-N reduction with adjoint Wilson fermions
Mateusz Koren: Screening in two-dimensional gauge theories