Jagiellonian University
International Ph.D. Studies
in Physics of Complex Systems
The Ph.D. program is open to all candidates.
However, eligible candidates must meet the following sine qua non conditions:

1.A candidate must be a graduate or a post-graduate (M.Sc. equivalent) in the domains: physics, technical physics, applied computer science, mathematics, biology or biophysics.
2.A candidate must be under 30 years of age. His/her diploma (cf. above) must be with a grade: very good (or equivalent) and must be dated not before January 1st 2006.
3.A candidate applying for a participation in a given project must prepare a short (not more than two pages) description (a letter-of-intent) of  his/her qualifications for the project.
4.A candidate must have a complete knowledge of English as a working language, certified with appropriate exam certificate(s). The least acceptable certificate will be the FCE (or equivalent - e.g. graduation from a British/American high school) but priority may be given to candidates who present higher-degree diplomas.

All candidates must also present:

1.A M.Sc. diploma (cf. above for the admissible time-period and grade) together with a complete list of courses taken and assessed during the studies (the so-called diploma supplement in the case of Polish students).
2.An evaluation of his/her diploma thesis prepared by the thesis supervisor and by the thesis referee. In addition, it is recommended to provide a more complete opinion prepared by candidates diploma supervisor.

Candidates may also present:

3.One or two letters of recommendation written by other scientists.
4.Candidates whose scientific results were already published should enclose a list of  their publications. In the case of multi-author articles, a candidate should approximately evaluate  his/her contribution to the paper.
5.Candidates who during the studies completed extra courses which may have a connection with the target-project should present the adequate certificates and brief characterization of the course.
6.Candidates who have some professional experience in the framework of research  should include the appropriate description of this activity.
7.Candidates who successfully passed an entry examination to another Ph.D. program (physics, technical physics and other disciplines specified above) in the last two years and completed no more than two years of the studies may also apply for this program (however a candidate cannot  be admitted for a third or higher year of the studies). These candidates should present a recommendation letter from their supervisor within the framework of the actual Ph.D. program containing a detailed evaluation of candidates abilities (cf. 2.) together with the agreement of the supervisor for candidates application to the present program.

On the basis of the above information the Recruitment Committee selects candidates for the personal interview.  In exceptional cases the interview can be carried out by phone.
All applicants will be informed about a final decision as soon as possible